Miss California USA under constant public scrutiny


Since the Miss USA pageant nearly one month ago, the first runner-up, Miss California USA has been criticized on several occasions.  The latest findings reveal photos of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean in a semi-nude pose.  Where did these photos surface?  Celebrity gossip website, thedirty.com.  I recently stumbled across this website when a college friend informed me that some of our sorority sisters were featured on this degrading website.  Not only can visitors to this site look at the horrible things that Nik Ritchie, “the world’s first ever reality blogger,” they can also make comments of their own.  Foul language is not tolerated, but comments such as “Click on Image to Enlarge on this Sinner” are being posted. 

Prejean was first recognized as the first runner up in the 2009 Miss USA pageant.  Immediately following the pageant, people began to criticize her for her answer to an on-stage question.  Perez Hilton, famous celebrity blogger, asked her stance on gay marriages in the United States.  Her answer simply stated her personal beliefs – marriage should be between a man and woman.  Hilton later commented that she should have answered differently because Miss USA is supposed to represent the entire country, heterosexual or not.  But what about representing herself and her beliefs? 

 A proclaimed Christian, Prejean also is a model.  “I’m not perfect” was Prejean’s response to the latest controversy.  Although she did break the pageant contract (no nude pictures are allowed), she has responded well to the press and told them that these pictures were done a long time before the pageant.  She has taken responsibility for her mistakes but also given a bad image to the thousands of little girls (and big girls!) around the world who fell in love with her beauty and beliefs. 

Moreover, is the celebrity blogging the underlying problem here?  Are Perez Hilton and Nik Ritchie taking things too far?  Yes; there is no longer such thing as privacy.  As social networkers, the choice is yours.  Watch what you publish because you never know who’s hands a discriminating photo could land in.  It could cost you your job – or crown.

*If you haven’t checked out thedirty.com, indulge yourself. You’ll find out what people with too much time on their hands do with their life.


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